The Margaret Hughes Memorial Scholarship

The O'Rourke Irish Dance Foundation, Inc. is opening up the 2019 Margaret Hughes Memorial Scholarship program, awarding three $500 scholarships to active Irish dance students of an CLRG sanctioned dance school located in Westchester County, New York. This scholarship is awarded to the student whose essay best discusses the chosen topic.

Scholarships may not be awarded to a dancer without an essay application, unless a letter of request is submitted on their behalf explaining extenuating circumstances, and approved by Officers and Board Members of O’Rourke Irish Dance Foundation. In the event that there are not enough applicants, the Officers and Board Members may choose an applicant they feel worthy for consideration.

Recipients of this scholarship may use this $500 scholarship towards Irish dance tuition during any upcoming Fall, Winter, Spring semesters. This includes workshops, privates, camps, and summer classes. This scholarship gets paid directly to the CLRG sanctioned dance school.

Up to 4th grade - Describe your favorite moment in Irish dance and why this memory is important to you.
5th grade - 8th grade - Identify a role model outside of Irish dance and describe how something you learned from him or her helped you in Irish dance. 
9th and up – Many people think of Athletes as soccer, basketball players or runners (to name a few). Do you consider Irish Dancing to be athletic or yourself as an Athlete.
If so why? How has it benefited you physically and mentally.

Essay requirements as follows:
Up to (entering) 4th grade: one page minimum
Entering 5th grade - 8th grade: 1000 word minimum
Entering 9th and up: 1500 word minimum

Essay must be accompanied by the following info:
Name of dancer
Age/grade of dancer
Name of dance teacher

Submit to O'Rourke Irish Dance Foundation Deadline 7/31/19 
PO BOX 511,White Plains, NY 10603

For more information email orourkefoundationinc@gmail.com